Bear and Moose Hunting at Kaby Lodge Wilderness Vacations

Moose Hunting at Kaby Lodge in OntarioOntario Moose Hunting at the Kaby Lodge
We welcome you in joining us for our 2017 hunt. Our family has been in business since 1946. We offer some of Northern Ontario’s finest wilderness hunting experiences. Our resort provides outstanding service, accommodations, and the opportunity to harvest a prized black bear or moose. We restrict the number of hunters to allow everyone equal opportunity to achieve success in their hunting endeavors. Our lodge is located approximately 45 miles North East of White River, Ontario, north of Lake Superior on beautiful Kabinakagami Lake in the District of Algoma. Our traditional style fair chase hunts are done along the lake shore and river tributaries, with each set of hunters or hunting party having a designated hunting area exclusive to them for their hunt. Our fully guided one on one moose hunts are set up offering the best options for success with archery equipment. Long bow, recurve and compound bows as well as crossbows are all legal means of harvesting moose in Ontario. Our hunts are conducted for moose with only one group per week to offer the best chance for success.

At Kaby Lodge we specialize in our Archery Hunts. Our baited bear stands and blinds are set up to offer the best shot opportunities for our bow hunters. With average shot distances of under 25 yards, our well established sites will give both gun and bow hunters the hunt of a lifetime. Our many return clients will attest to the quality and quantity of bears we offer.

Bear Hunts – August 15th to September 19th, 2016

Non-Resident American Plan

5 Day Hunt $2750.00
7 Day Hunt $2900.00

Resident American Plan

5 Day Hunt $2550.00
7 Day Hunt $2700.00

Our 2017 bear hunts are almost sold out and we are now taking bookings for 2018. Call or email now for 2017 and 2018 hunts.

Our fall archery moose hunt occurs during the peak of the rut, offering the bow hunter a thrilling opportunity for success. Our experienced archery guides know the preferred areas and habits of the animals we pursue. All of the archery guides are experienced archers themselves and know the requirements and attention to detail bowhunters require for best chance of success.

Due to regulatory changes implemented this year with a resulting delay in the rifle season we will not be able to offer a gun hunt in 2017 for moose as we will be well into our annual freeze up before the season can commence.

Our packages include license and/or tag, your return flight from White River Ontario, transportation of your moose or bear, all your meals, accommodations, boat & gas.

For our moose hunters full one on one guide service is also included in the package price. For our bear hunters,  guide service is also included. All packages are quoted in CANADIAN FUNDS based on double occupancy, and do not include taxes, personal items and gratuities. A non-refundable deposit of $1000.00 per person is required upon booking, and the balance will be invoiced 120 days prior to your arrival.  Full payment required 60 days in advance. Hunters are required to use and must provide their own safety harnesses for use in the stands.

Due to a significant reduction in moose tags for 2017 again in our district we are having to reduce the number of hunts available and are having to reduce the number of hunts offered.

Note: Resident/Non-Resident package rates vary due to costs of licenses for the hunt. Packages do not include the Export Permit.

Moose Hunts – Archery season opens September 23th, 2017 and runs for 2 consecutive weeks.

Each hunter receives an adult bull or cow moose tag as allocated.

Non-Resident American Plan (Guided)  per person.

 7 Day Cow Moose fully Guided Hunt $5000.00
7 Day Bull Moose fully Guided Hunt $6000.00

Resident American Plan (Guided) per person

 7 Day Cow Moose fully Guided Hunt $4500.00
7 Day Bull Moose fully Guided Hunt $5500.00

These hunts are booked on a first come first served basis with a limited number available.

2018 spaces are dependent on outfitter tag allocations and we are currently gathering a waiting list for prospective applicants for our outstanding hunts.

Call now to book this fantastic opportunity for a true wilderness fair chase hunt.

Ontario Hunting Rules and Regulations

Watson’s Kaby Lodge is located in Ontario, Canada and strictly adheres to the hunting regulations ascribed by Ministry of Natural Resources. Included below are some of the most applicable regulations to a typical Kaby Lodge visitor, for full details read more at the Ministry of Natural Resources Site.

Firearms Requirements

  • Centrefire rifles must be at least 270 calibers with magnum rifles of the 30 caliber range recommended,such as
  • – 300 Magnum
  • – 338 Magnum
  • – 7MM Magnum
  • Bullet Weights in the 180 grain range.
  • Hand Guns ARE NOT PERMITTED in Canada.

Bow Requirements

  • Compounds, Long Bows, Recurves and Crossbows are all acceptable forms of archery equipment that can be used to hunt in Ontario.
  • Compounds, Long Bows and Recurves must have a draw weight of a minimum of 50 pounds, with arrow length of at least 23.6 inches.
  • Crossbows must have a draw length of at least 11.8 inches and a draw weight of a minimum of 150 pounds.
  • Broad head of at least 0.87 inches at the widest point, along with a minimum of at least two cutting edges of straight, sharp, non-serrated barb-less steel are required for use with all archery equipment.

Clothing Requirements

  • During the rifle season hunts, a minimum of 400 square inches of uninterrupted hunter orange must be worn at all times (except for bear hunters while in a tree stand).
  • Camouflage or open mesh orange does not meet these requirements. An orange jacket or vest, as well as an orange hat do meet these requirements.
  • Scent control clothing and preventative sprays are recommended for both archery and gun hunters.

Recommended Equipment

Hunters are advised to have

  • a compass and hand held G.P.S.
  • a good set of binoculars
  • rangefinder
  • thermos
  • flashlight
  • lighter, warm clothing
  • good quality rain gear
  • 2 pairs of waterproof insulated boots
  • gloves/mittens and long underwear
  • Two-way portable radios
  • disposable and/ or digital cameras to capture your trophy photos
  • Fall hunting weather can be warm and dry to cold and snowy within a few hours, so it is best to come prepared for all of the variables.


  • Non-Resident hunters must have a current or previous hunting license or valid Hunters Safety Course and proof of course must be supplied 6 months in advance to the hunt to apply for the Ontario’s Hunting Outdoors card. Or proof of Ontario Hunting Outdoors card must be provided.
  • Certification in the form of an Ontario Hunting Outdoors card is required to purchase an Ontario Bear, Moose or Small Game license.
  • Resident hunters must have a valid and current Hunters Outdoors Card.
  • Non-Resident hunters must register all firearms with the exception of archery equipment, when crossing the Border. For further information, please call our office or contact the Fire Arms Centre at 1-800-731-4000, web site:, or email at

We trust that this information will prove useful in planning your next big game hunting experience in beautiful, exciting Northern Ontario at Watson’s Kaby Lodge. We invite you to come and take part in our truly Canadian Hospitality while you participate in a remote, fair chase hunting experience.