A Beginner’s Guide to Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing

Have you ever tried fly fishing before? If not, it’s a great alternative to traditional fishing methods and something that all avid fishermen should try at least once in their lives. Fly fishing forces those who fish to take a completely different approach to fishing than they normally would, and it requires a different level… Read more »

By Land or By Sea: A History of Pontoon Planes

Watson’s Kaby Lodge offers outstanding hunting, fishing and ecotourism packages at our resort on Kabinakagami Lake (Big Kaby Lake) in northern Ontario. Kaby Lodge is a true wilderness resort, and is accessible only by air. Seaplanes, also known as pontoon planes, transport our guests to and from the resort, so let’s take a minute to… Read more »

Bait or Lures: What’s the Best Approach

When it comes to fishing, every angler wants to bring in the best possible trophy. To get that trophy, some use bait while others use lures. However, outside of personal preference, there are actually some certain situations where one should be used over the other. Normally when people think of bait, they think of worms,… Read more »

Kicking Back with the History of Adirondack Chairs

Adirondack Chair

Adirondack chairs are a common sight when it comes to outdoor camp or cottage furniture. They’re practical and relaxing, and incredibly durable. This particular type of chair is always a crowd favorite and offers a comfortable place to sit and simply enjoy the nature around us. But where did these chairs originally come from? Thomas… Read more »

Canadian Travel, Ecotourism Pegged as Top Trends for 2017

Wilderness Experiences

Have you been thinking about booking a trip to Canada? Well, this year is pretty much the perfect time to do it! All throughout 2017, different Canadian cities are going to be holding their own special events to celebrate the country’s 150th anniversary. According to Cheapflights, there will be more than 100 events in Montréal… Read more »

The Importance of Field Dressing

If your primary objective of hunting is to obtain tasty meat that will last for the long haul, then you absolutely must be well versed in field dressing. The importance of this vital step is undeniable and must be followed correctly to avoid risks to your own health and the longevity of the meat. Let’s… Read more »

Computers and Kaby Lake: Intel’s New Processor


Throughout the years, Intel has named the different computer parts that they have created and manufactured after all kinds of things. A motherboard that they launched back in 2000 was called Aladdin – named not after the Disney character but after the character from the classic “One Thousand and One Nights,” known colloquially as “Arabian… Read more »