Helpful Tips

Swiss Army knifeKnowing All the Tools of Your Swiss Army Knife

The Swiss Army knife is perhaps the most iconic and well-known pocket knife of all time. It’s also one of the most handy and versatile tools that you can have on you during a fishing or hunting trip on Kaby... Read More

compassFinding Your Way When You’re Lost

We live in the era of smartphones and Google Maps. The days when we would have to read a map to navigate the country’s highways seem far behind us now. Still, it’s still very important to make sure that you... Read More

mosquitoesBeat the Bite When You’ve Forgotten Repellent

Bug repellant can go a long way toward making you feel more comfortable, both during and after a camping trip. But what can you do when you’ve left the bug repellant at home or when you’re deep in the woods... Read More

Starting a FireStarting a Fire Without a Match or Lighter

If you’ve ever watched an episode of the Discovery Channel’s survival series “Naked and Afraid,” you know how hard it can be to start fire – especially without the right tools. Not having fire can be a real struggle for... Read More

Tip-OverRecovering from a Tip-Over

There are few activities as fun and peaceful as riding a canoe or kayak on calm waters. In fact, the only scenario that could put a damper on your time is capsizing, and while the thought of tipping and falling... Read More