Helpful Tips

Field Dressing a Bird

Bird hunting can be a fun and relaxing past time, but it’s often most exciting when you actually have a successful hunt. Of course, nabbing a bird comes with a fair share of work, but even after downing a bird,... Read More

Scaling a Fish

If you love fishing and the wilderness, one of the top skills you’ll need is the ability to scale and clean a fish. Before you head out on your next exciting trip with Watsons Kaby Lodge, check out these tips... Read More

Boiling water??

Here we go with the first submission on our new page on wilderness how to’s. Imagine you are in the wilderness and require hot water for something. For example, everyone knows you should not drink water from an unknown source... Read More

A new forum for Wilderness tips

We would like to welcome all of our followers and readers to a new Kaby Lodge feature in this forum where we will be covering a wide variety of topics regarding hunting and fishing and the outdoors. This will be... Read More