Annual Hunting, Fishing Trips Crucial to Quality of Life

There’s never been a better time to start planning a hunting or fishing trip. In fact, why not make it an annual trip for you, your friends and family to enjoy every year? There are plenty of reasons to start the planning and keep this tradition going year after year.

An annual trip can improve your mental health. A break from the stress of every day life can help you refocus and relax, giving the mind and body a break from constant work and responsibilities. An annual trip ensures that at least once a year, you get this fun opportunity to rest and enjoy your free time, doing the things you love.

Spending a few days with friends and family can also help you rekindle relationships. Days in the field or on a boat and nights cooking together around a campfire can strengthen friendships and bring new life to old relationships. Without the distractions of modern society or keeping appointments, annual fishing trips let you spend time with important people in your life.

A study by a State University of New York reported that men who planning and took annual vacations increase their overall longevity 20% . Men who choose not to take vacations and went five years without every taking time away have the highest risk of an early death. An annual hunting and fishing trip isn’t just fun, it can be beneficially to your mental and physical health.

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