Bait or Lures: What’s the Best Approach

When it comes to fishing, every angler wants to bring in the best possible trophy. To get that trophy, some use bait while others use lures. However, outside of personal preference, there are actually some certain situations where one should be used over the other.

Bait vs. LuresNormally when people think of bait, they think of worms, which are the most commonly used live bait option when fishing on lakes, rivers and streams. Almost every freshwater species will take the chance to eat one, but that doesn’t mean that bait is what should always be placed at the end of your line. The reality is that depending on the water conditions and the fish you’re looking for, you might be better off leaving the bait on the dock. offers a great graphic to help anglers decide which approach might be best. For example, the water you’re fishing in is colder or darker, using dead bait – especially if it’s especially smelly – might be best. If fishing for species in more clear water or during sunny days, a lure is probably your better bet. On Kabinakagami Lake, fish that swim lower in deep water will most definitely bite at your bait, leaving you with a screaming reel and nothing but excitement.

Now, the water isn’t always going to be cold or dark, and that’s where lures come in. Lure fishing often works best in warmer water conditions, as well as on bright, sunny days. If the water is especially crowded with schooling fish, it’s also a good reason to use lures as they can draw more attention than bait. Lures also work great in clear water, so if you’re dropping your line in the clear waters of Kaby Lake, tie on a lure instead to make sure the fish will be attracted to it. If you’re unsure on the clarity, try both live bait and lure fishing and gauge which approach offers you the best success.

Kaby Lake offers a wide range of fishing options, and guests at the lodge can expect to find great walleye, northern pike, yellow perch and white fish when casting their lines. If you want to experience great fishing on this pristine, remote lake in the heart of Northern Ontario, book your trip to Watson’s Kaby Lodge today for a one-of-a-kind fishing trip. Learn more online or call us today at 877-484-1672 to book your stay with us!


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