Being a Better Bird Hunter: Tips for Shotgun Shooting

When it comes to bird hunting, it can be frustrating to think you’re doing the right things but to still end up leaving with only the shotgun you went out with. If you are continually coming up empty handed after your bird hunts, here are some tips to improve your shotgun skills and help you bag your next bird.

Work on Your Stance

In hunting, not all stances are the same. The ideal stance is to place your feet no more than shoulder-width apart with the toe of your leading foot pointed in the direction of your target. Placing your body in this position allows yourself to more properly address your target, helping your accuracy when you’re ready to pull the trigger.

Better Ammo

When buying ammunition for your shotgun, don’t just buy the cheap stuff. If you want the best patterns of impact, don’t spare any pennies – purchase premium ammunition. This may seem like something that might not make any difference, but the results will speak for themselves.

Bird’s Eye Focus

Instead of following the body of the bird before you take your shot, try following the bird’s eye instead. By focusing on this forward feature of the bird, you can more accurately aim to the front of the bird. This allows you to follow their flight patterns more accurately and gives you a better chance at hitting the body rather than just missing and hitting some feathers instead.

Stock to Cheek

This tip may seem like a no-brainer, but keeping your cheek on the stock of your shotgun is important. As Outdoor Life notes, staying conscious of your face position in relation to your gun ensures that you maintain a proper sight alignment and allows you to more accurately track your target. This will result in a more accurate shot and, in turn, greater success in the field.

Seek Information

If you aren’t sure what you’re doing wrong, seek the advice of other hunters. Have someone watch your shooting form and ask them to give you feedback. You can also ask them about stance and what ammunition they purchase and compare it to what you do. Who knows – you might even learn a thing or two!

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