Best Season for Wilderness Getaway?

Taking a vacation is a good idea almost any time of year, but it does depend on where you’re going and what you plan on doing that narrows down the best times of the year to travel.

Peak season for tropical vacations are in January and February when northern states face frigid temperatures and snowstorms. On the other hand, northeastern beaches become a top destination in the summer with hot, but not overly humid temperatures and reasonably priced accommodations and attractions.

When planning a wilderness vacation perhaps at a hunting lodge, the best two times to experience all that nature has to offer is the spring and fall. Why? Well first of all these seasons offer the most moderate temperatures. Extreme temperatures of either hot or cold can be uncomfortable and inconvenient for easy, relaxing travel. Spring temperatures require a sweatshirt and pants the same attire is appropriate for fall so packing is light and there’s less luggage to drag around.

In addition to easy dressing, the scenery in both the spring and fall is breathtaking. Budding trees and blooming flowers surround wilderness lodges and bubbling brooks can be heard no problem since they’ve thawed by mid-spring. In the fall, as the leaves change colors visitors can see the amazing red, bronze and orange coloring of the trees along with the smell of crisp autumn air. Either season is perfect for a late-night campfire full of story telling, reminiscing and enjoying traditional camping snacks like hot dogs and s’mores.

In the spring animals begin to return home or come out of hibernation. Birds return from the south and small rodents begin to scurry around. In the fall, black bears, wolves, moose and waterfowl are present in the Canadian wilderness for those that want to see and/or hunt these majestic animals. During these two times of year, visitors can also swim or paddle around inland lakes without the intense summer heat or crippling winter temperatures.

A remote wilderness vacation combines nature and accommodation for the perfect place to explore or even hunt. Time away from work, responsibilities or a bustling city can be relaxing and refreshing for children, parents and all ages in between. Not to mention that after spending a few days in the wilderness, you and your children will have a new-found appreciation of the beautify and life that nature has to offer.

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