Canada: An Angler’s Dream

If you haven’t taken a fishing trip to Canada, you’re really missing out. This country offers some of the most diverse fishing experiences for fishermen of all shapes and sizes. In fact, 3 million people annually travel to Canada to fish in their extensive lakes and rivers; bringing home fish they’ve never had the chance to catch before.

Canada is tops when big game fishing, obviously with the extensive shoreline and saltwater access. But the country also boasts hundreds of thousands of freshwater bodies of water. You can set up camp along the banks of a river, or take out a boat into large lakes. Canadian fishing allows adventurous and determined fishers to try their hand at catching fish from over 200 different specifies that live in the Northern waters.

You can fish for pink, Chinook and sockeye salmon in the river and along the west coast of British Columbia, Canada. Brook and lake trout also live in the rivers along with pike. Canada is also known for its large population of walleye in places like Lake Winnipeg and The Red River.

Looking to do something new and exciting? You can also fly or ice fish in Canada. Calm streams and rivers are a great place to fly fish for pike, salmon and trout. The frigid Canadian winters also provide the perfect setting for ice fishing in January and February if you’re looking to catch perch or whitefish during your visit.

As a fishing destination, Canada really does have something for every angler. The opportunities are endless and you can spend a day or a week experiencing the great Canadian outdoors and catching a variety of fish. There are rivers, lakes and coastlines just waiting for you to visit and fish across the vast Canadian wilderness.

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