Canadian Travel, Ecotourism Pegged as Top Trends for 2017

Have you been thinking about booking a trip to Canada? Well, this year is pretty much the perfect time to do it!

All throughout 2017, different Canadian cities are going to be holding their own special events to celebrate the country’s 150th anniversary. According to Cheapflights, there will be more than 100 events in Montréal alone in 2017, and many other parts of the country will be celebrating, too! It’s why Canada was among BizCommunity’s list of hot travel destinations for 2017, and why you should consider booking a trip here soon.

Wilderness ExperiencesIf you do decide visiting Canada is the place for you, Watson’s Kaby Lodge is a wonderful destination. As a fly-in resort, our grounds are secluded and peaceful, offering serenity and unspoiled access to nature which is perfect for those looking to partake in another top travel trend – ecotourism.

Climate change and the overdevelopment of many areas around the world are driving travelers to visit places that allow them to reconnect with nature. At Watson’s Kaby Lodge, we offer tailored ecotourism packages full of fun activities for visitors to enjoy. Whether you want to enjoy the exceptional swimming at the beachfront at the resort, take a trip to the Old Hiawatha Gold mine site, or just relax around a evening fire with friends and family, there are many great nature activities to enjoy when you stay with us.

We are also lucky to have many species of birds and water fowl, as well as large mammals like bears, moose, beavers and more, which make for great photo opportunities. Take a wilderness camera hunt with us and enjoy natural moose viewing, evening bear walks and more with our experienced nature guides who will make sure you get to experience as much of the beauty of the region as possible during your trip.

There’s no time like the present to visit Canada, and if you’re going to come to our great country, you should stay at Watson’s Kaby Lodge to get the fully immersive experience of the wonderful wilderness and natural beauty of Canada. You will be amazed by how good it feels to unwind and unplug from the rest of the world – even if only for a few days. Learn more about our ecotourism packages and book your stay by calling 877-484-1672 today.

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