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Technological Advances Changing Hunting Forever

In the communication age, technology impacts our life and everything we do. From the way we stay in touch to the way we drive our cars, technological advances are fundamental to our way of life. So it was no surprise... Read More
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Improve Your All Around Shooting Experience

So much more useful than preventing bruised shoulders, reducing your shotgun recoil is very doable. The jolt from significant shotgun recoil inherent with 20, 12, 10 and 6 gauge shotgun fire not only compromises your comfort, but your shooting performance... Read More
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Moose: Not the Cuddly Forest Creature You May Think

Not aggressive by nature, many perceive moose as harmless- even friendly- woodland creatures. There is an adjustment for exclusive deer hunters when they decide to hunt moose. Aside from the higher caliber weaponry and need to explore more northern reaches... Read More
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The Importance of Deer Population Control

The deer population across North America has been continuing to explode since the 19th century. This exponential growth is posing serious risk to the safety of motorists and is the source of millions of dollars in property damage annually. Deer... Read More
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The First Step in Practicing Firearm Safety this Season

Hunting safety starts with you. Taking the right precautions before setting on your outing requires your undivided attention, imperative to protecting you and your family. Sometimes, however, there are factors beyond your control- and those don’t always come from fellow... Read More
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