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Float PlaneBy Land or By Sea: A History of Pontoon Planes

Watson’s Kaby Lodge offers outstanding hunting, fishing and ecotourism packages at our resort on Kabinakagami Lake (Big Kaby Lake) in northern Ontario. Kaby Lodge is a true wilderness resort, and is accessible only by air. Seaplanes, also known as pontoon... Read More
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Water is the First Component to Survival

Everyone knows you should not drink water from an unknown source without boiling it first. But if you don’t have the traditional tools- such as a pot- to boil water, don’t take your chance. That’s because you can still sanitize... Read More
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Compact Bear Fences as Portable as Ever

Every avid camper is aware of the importance of taking precautions to avoid bears in the woods. Of course we all know about using bear canisters, keeping food far from our sleeping quarters, installing bear ropes and indications of bear... Read More
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