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Annual Hunting, Fishing Trips Crucial to Quality of Life

There’s never been a better time to start planning a hunting or fishing trip. In fact, why not make it an annual trip for you, your friends and family to enjoy every year? There are plenty of reasons to start... Read More
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30-30 RifleWhy the 30-30 Rifle Cartridge is so Popular

The 30-30 rifle is a storied piece of Americana as could be. Originally introduced by Winchester in the late 19th century, hunters were slow to take to the new design and its small caliber. But the advantages the 30-30 offered... Read More
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A new forum for Hunters and fishermen

We would like to welcome everyone to our new forum where we intend to cover a wide range of topics regarding hunting, fishing, wilderness watching, guiding tips and many more! Michel and I have a wide range of experience in... Read More
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