Fish On! Unbeatable Fishing at Big Kaby

Kabinakagami Lake, known as Big Kaby, offers outstanding fishing opportunities. In fact, the fishing on Big Kaby is so good that fishermen from across Canada, the United States and around the world return again and again to cast their lines in search of great walleye, northern pike, whitefish and yellow perch – all of which are found in the more than 30,000 acres covered by this pristine lake. Come and join in on the fun by booking a lake fishing package with Watson’s Kaby Lodge!

Northern PikeNorthern pike inhabit the lake’s shallows after ice thaws out, which usually occurs early in May. Female northern pike of more than 40 inches in length can often be observed spawning in the shallows. Males, which are typically smaller than the females, are also visible at this time while they pursue the females around in the shallows. These hungry pike will take almost any bait, but usually respond well to minnow-type baits and large spoons. The pike are ready to feed following a long winter and the spawn, and landing one of these northern pike is a real thrill.

Walleye begin to spawn in Big Kaby soon after the northern pike, and the fishing season for walleye begins on the third Saturday of May. Walleye spawn mostly in the streams and rivers that flow into Big Kaby, but are also found near beach approaches and shoals. These fish are typically attracted to bright jigs and tails as well as flashy spinners, meaning that flashy lures tend to work best to attract these fish.

The lake’s shallow depth of 20 to 25 feet means that the waters warm up relatively fast once spring arrives. The warming water temperatures prompt heavy feeding by all of the game fish in Big Kaby, which helps boost populations and keep fishing so strong in this wonderful section of northern Ontario.

Watson’s Kaby Lodge is a fly-in wilderness resort located in northern Ontario. The Watson family has been providing memorable fishing, lodging hunting and more for visitors since 1946. Kaby Lodge provides an opportunity for guests to experience a wilderness fishing vacation that will never be forgotten. Contact Kaby Lodge today by calling 877-484-1672 to learn more about our wilderness fishing packages or to inquire about making your reservations.

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