Boats & EquipmentBoats & Equipment

Kaby Lodge ensures that all equipment is in good running order when taken by our guests. Guests in return are responsible for all damage to marine equipment they are using and must exercise care while operating the equipment provided.

Large 16ft aluminum boats equipped with dependable electric start 20 H.P. Yamaha 4 stroke motors and fishfinders are included with all packages.

Requirements for Boat Use

  • An acceptance of liability agreement and boaters check list will be provided upon arrival and prior to use of marine equipment.
  • In compliance with Provincial regulations, boaters born after 1980 must have a valid operator’s certificate issued by their home state or province to operate marine equipment. For those that do not hold a valid operators certificate, a temporary certificate can be provided at the lodge.
  • Personal Flotation Vests (PFD) Required: Government regulations require all boaters to wear a PFD. We will provide PFD’s at the lodge, but you may also choose to bring your own for your own personal comfort.