Five Benefits of Planning a Trip to Kaby Lodge

Hunting Trip Watson’s Kaby Lodge has been offering wilderness vacations and custom hunting trips near Lake Kabinakagami, Ontario since 1946. And as such, we are able to offer a wide variety of custom packages to help you in planning a fun and memorable hunting trip. Here are just a few of the benefits to booking your next trip with Watsons Kaby Lake Lodge.

Access to Fishing and Hunting

As a fly-in location, we are able to offer a unique remote environment for your fishing or hunting trips. The average water depth of Kaby Lake is 20 to 24 inches, which is really good for any fishing enthusiast, while our natural habitats offer a chance to hunt different small game, such as timber wolves, black bears, moose and various waterfowl.

Small Game Licenses Available

Speaking of small game hunting, you have to possess a license to participate in the hunting. Fortunately, we offer small game licenses for sale on-site to get you licensed and officially ready for the hunt. In nearby White River, you can also get a migratory bird hunting permit, allowing you to hunt your favorite fowl.

Help With Flight Planning

Watsons Kaby Lodge is a fly-in only resort, meaning you can only get to our lodge via flight. If you don’t have a private plane available at your disposal, fear not! Our professional staff can assist you in planning your flight in and out of the resort with no hassle.

Experienced Guides

Our hunting and fishing guides are extremely experienced, and they know the lay of the land well. We will be able to help you find the location you’re looking for, whether it’s for the best fishing or hunting small or large game. Whatever you’re looking to accomplish, our guides can ensure you have the best time.

Access to Boats

Watsons Kaby Lodge offers a variety of different boats that you are able to use while you’re staying with us. We offer canoes for those who prefer to paddle as well as 16-foot aluminum boats with four-stroke motors and fish finders.

If you’ve been thinking about planning a trip, spaces are quickly filling up for 2017. Call us and plan your trip today by calling 877-484-1672.

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