Five Fish to Catch in Kabinakagami Lake

Fishing at Kabinakagami LakeIf you are an angler looking for a new place to fish, then you need to visit Kabinakagami Lake. Those who have already experienced fishing on Kaby Lake often come to call it the mecca of fishing due to the numerous fish that can be caught while out on the water. Here is a look at just some of the great fish you might catch during your trip on “Big Kaby.”

Northern Pike

This fish can be found in shallow bays of the lake as well as in the submerged remains of last years weed beds. They’re known to take pretty much anything that is offered to them, so if you drop a line near where they are, be prepared for a quick bite and an exciting time out on the water.


Found along the shoals and beach approaches of the lake, these fish typically wait to become active until the water warms up toward the end of May. Once they do become active, drop a flashy spinner or bright jig and try to reel one in!


These fish are common in lakes throughout the United States and Canada so it’s no surprise there are some in Kabinakagami Lake. Their meat is very tasty, which explains why anglers are so excited when the opportunity arises to catch one. While you’re out on the lake, catching a few of these delicious fish will allow you to bring home your next meal.


Catching a whitefish comes down, largely, to the bait that you use and the time of day. Whitefish are often active in the mornings and evenings, commonly grabbing flies from the surface of the water. These fish are also abundant, and are often easiest to catch with worms or minnows or artificial mayfly lures. Be prepared for a strong fight, though!

Lake Herring

Similar to the whitefish, herring can be found in shallow water along the coast and in the back of shallow bays in the spring before moving to deeper waters in the summer. These prized fish are a tough fight for anglers, as they are strong swimmers, so be ready to tire these wily fish out if you get one on the end of your line!

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