Beat the Bite When You’ve Forgotten Repellent

mosquitoesBug repellant can go a long way toward making you feel more comfortable, both during and after a camping trip. But what can you do when you’ve left the bug repellant at home or when you’re deep in the woods without any options? There are a few natural remedies that you can use to keep the bugs at bay using only items found on your campsite.

The folks over at Wildwood Survival have a list of pretty awesome tips for what to do when you don’t have bug spray. For example, covering your whole body in mud is an option. While it may not be feasible, it’ll certainly keep you from getting bitten! If you’re not up for the mud, though, try using green plant material in your fire to create extra smoke. You could also burn wet or termite damaged wood – anything that’ll create a lot of smoke. The bugs won’t like flying through it, so they’ll leave you alone.

You can also use grease or oil on exposed skin. Mosquitoes and flies will have a hard time landing on your skin, and the oil can sometimes actually drown them by clogging their mouth area.

If you have some essential oils with you – or if you prefer a more natural-smelling type of bug spray – try mixing your own remedy! One part oil of lemon eucalyptus to 10 parts witch hazel applied directly to the skin will act as a repellant to bugs – and it’ll smell nice to you!

If none of these options work, the experts at Survival School suggest that rubbing yarrow, a plant with fern-like leaves and pretty flowers, on your skin will also help deter bugs, but you’ll need to reapply often.

In a true pinch, tucking your pants into your boots, or pulling your socks over your pant hems will help, too. This prevents your skin from being exposed, and when bugs can’t land on you, they can’t bite you!

Check out even more helpful wilderness tips and hints on our Wilderness How To’s page. If you’re ready to put some of these bug repellant tricks to the test, make a reservation for your next trip today!

Stay safe and bite free, and happy hiking from Tom and Michel!