Scaling a Fish

If you love fishing and the wilderness, one of the top skills you’ll need is the ability to scale and clean a fish. Before you head out on your next exciting trip with Watsons Kaby Lodge, check out these tips for handling your next catch.

Before you begin, make sure to find some clean water to wash your hands and your tools – especially your knife. If you have a filleting knife, that is best, but the standard hunting or utility knife will work great as well.

Put your fish on a flat surface and hold the head, raking the fish with the backside of your knife from head to tail. Flip over the fish and repeat the process until the fish is clear of scales. When done, rinse the fish off again.

Now it’s time to cut the fish open. Start by cutting into the belly near the gills and slice back to the fish’s anus or vent. You can also save time by cutting out the gills now as well. Cut up from the bottom where they meet the gill flap opening and from the top where the gills meet the roof of the fish’s mouth.

Once that’s complete, remove your knife and open the fish with your hands, pulling out the guts and gills together. You also want to look for a dark membrane inside the fish and remove it if you see it. While this is not a poisonous or harmful part of the fish, it can take away from the fish’s taste. Also take time at this step to trim off the fins, and dispose all of the waste items someplace that is not near children or dogs.

Rinse the fish again with clean water, and now you’re ready to cook your catch. You’ll want to place it over your fire, holding it on the end of a Y-shaped stick which helps to ensure that the inside cooks perfectly over the hot coals. Pro tip: seasoning the gut area with salt and pepper also helps to add flavor! Cook each side for a few minutes until the flakes of meat separate easily, making for a moist and tasty meal to enjoy.

Cleaning a fish is not incredibly difficult as you can see, but it’s a necessary part for fishermen who want to reward their fishing efforts with a good meal at the end of the day. There’s nothing better than enjoying the food you caught with family and friends at Watsons Kaby Lodge.

Happy fishing from Tom and Michel!