How to Become a Better Angler

A favorite pastime amongst many, fishing is a great way to bond with family and friends. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned angler, there is always room for improvement. Small progress and attention to detail can land you that big walleye or pike you’ve been longing to catch and display proudly. Here are some tips from expert anglers on how you can become a professional fisherman in no time.

Don’t get too comfortable – This is a common mistake amongst even veteran fishermen. It is very easy to get accustomed to a favorite fishing spot. While it is okay to frequent your favorite lake or wilderness lodge, experts recommend spending no more than ten minutes at any given spot, unless you are receiving continuous, positive results. On the contrary, consistent re-locating will allow you to catch something you have never caught, like that large trophy you’ve had your eye on!

Slow and steady wins the race – It is important to remember this idiom from your childhood when it comes to reeling in your catch. It is very common to experience excitement, leaving you to fight with the fish from the moment it bites your line. Reeling too harsh and too fast can cause your fish to break the bite. Somewhere in between too aggressive and allowing too much slack is when you’ll land a good catch.

Cloudy? So what – A little overcast and win never hurt anybody. Take advantage of weather conditions in early morning or late at night with cloud-covered skies and some wind. Often, fish will fill waters, even close to the surface, when there is minimal light. They’ll even chase your line at a distance of twenty feet!

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