Improve Your All Around Shooting Experience

So much more useful than preventing bruised shoulders, reducing your shotgun recoil is very doable. The jolt from significant shotgun recoil inherent with 20, 12, 10 and 6 gauge shotgun fire not only compromises your comfort, but your shooting performance as well.

Shotgun recoil kick has been known to be so powerful, it not only knocks shooters down leaving scrapes, bumps and bruises, but can also even detach retinas. Removing the element of kickback is useful for so much more than protecting yourself. Actually improving your aim, cutting kickback will help you shoot longer and better.

Reducing your gun gauge doesn’t guarantee diminished kick, but reducing your load speed or weight could cut it by up to 20%. Consider the difference between shooting .50 cal revolver and a .25 cal pistol; it’s the same principle. But if you aren’t willing to sacrificing your load size, there are still measures you could take to help eliminate kick.

Most shotguns are compatible with aftermarket stock pads. For an average of less than $50, added protection for your shoulder can be installed right on your shotgun. This insulates from the shooting recoil and can reduce kick by up to 45%. Some shooters, however, like to feel the hardware of the gun as an extension of the shooter. There are still other options for reducing shoot kick in your gun.

Customizing your stock can make all the difference in the world when it comes to eliminating kick. Adjusting your aiming position can be as easy as grinding the butt down or changing the stock shims. In addition to these measures, wearing the proper ear and eye protection can make your shooting experience as safe as possible.

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