Keys to a Successful Bear Hunt

Venturing into the wilderness in search of bear requires preparation, patience and determination. Previous hunting experience is a major advantage, as it requires advanced stalking and shooting. Novice hunters often find themselves ill prepared and frustrated where veteran hunters find challenging excitement.

It is crucial to be quiet and stealthy during all times of the hunt. Even though bears are large predators, sudden movements or noises easily startle them. If they are spooked they can take off running and not stop for miles. This could stop a good hunt right in its tracks. Its imperative to go out and scout the hunting area before the hunt begins. This way you know areas to avoid and areas where you can move around quietly. In addition to being quite skittish, bears also have a heightened sense of smell.

If you don’t wear scent covers, the bear will be able to smell you from a very far distance. The most disrupting smells to the bears include tobacco, gasoline or pet odors. An unfamiliar scent will warn them in advance and make the hunt significantly more difficult. If you keep track of the wind direction, you can hunt bears upwind. Hunting this way keeps your scent away from the bears and further keeps you off of their radar. Another important element of a successful hunt is the shot you take when you have spotted a bear.

When hunting smaller animals, one shot can usually kill or significantly injure them. However, bears are much larger animals and can survive a bullet to the leg or side. Therefore, when you are about to shoot a bear, you have to stay steady and aim for a vital organ. Shooting too soon can result in missing the bear and scaring it away as well as warning other bears that there is danger close by. As an alternative to rushing a shot, take a deep breath and refocus before pulling the trigger.

Proper hunting attire is another crucial element of a successful bear hunt. Bear hunting, which happens in the spring and fall, is vulnerable to all different types of weather. Hunting clothing should blend into the surroundings while keeping your comfortable so you can focus on the bears. Dress in layers and always make sure to seal your sleeves and pant legs to keep bugs out and keep your scents in.

If you are a seasoned hunter look for the next challenging adventure, bear hunting could be it! Preparing in advance and staying patient during the hunt can help you bring home a prize bear. Unlike any other type of hunt, bears are particularly difficult to track, stalk and shoot. However, with dedication and proper preparation, success can be yours.

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