Kicking Back with the History of Adirondack Chairs

Adirondack chairs are a common sight when it comes to outdoor camp or cottage furniture. They’re practical and relaxing, and incredibly durable. This particular type of chair is always a crowd favorite and offers a comfortable place to sit and simply enjoy the nature around us. But where did these chairs originally come from?

Adirondack ChairThomas Lee came up with the concept for the Adirondack chair in 1903, according to Scout. He was originally looking for more comfortable furniture for his quaint cottage in Westport, New York, located in the eastern Adirondacks on the shore of Lake Champlain. He originally had a couple of criteria when designing this chair, notably seeking to create a chair that was comfortable to sit in at any angle and for people of any size; a seat with a place to set a beverage or snacks; and a design that was efficient and durable – or green and sustainable by today’s standards.

The primary focus of his chair was for it to be comfortable. His cottage – as many in the area did and still do – featured a sloped backyard, and the slanting design was made to provide a comfortable viewing angle and stability even when placed on downhill terrain. The next feature was to make the chair universally designed so that people of any size, age and ability – young and old, fat and thin – could take a seat. Lee asked multiple family members to sit in his chair designs during development, helping him make sure that the new chair would suit everyone.

Another great part of this chair’s design is the environmental aspect. Lee designed the chair to be created with 11 separate parts which could be made from just a single board. The chairs also needed to be convenient and provide a space for a beverage – since who doesn’t want to enjoy a cool drink while sitting outside at camp? That gave way to the Adirondack chair’s notably wide arm rests that offer plenty of space for drinks – and much more.

While some of the features in Lee’s original chair have largely disappeared, the core design remains much the same as it was originally more than a century ago and still continues to be a popular choice. We have several of these chairs here at Watson’s Kaby Lodge for guests to enjoy as they kick back and relax and enjoy the beautiful sights, sounds and smells of life in the deep woods of Northern Ontario. Come and sit a while and unwind with us. Learn more about booking a trip by calling us today at 877-484-1672.

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