Practice Makes Perfect, But Vary Your Targets

As a bow hunter, learning how to shoot so you hit your target takes a lot of practice. Many people think if they can practice their aim and consistently hit targets, landing the perfect shot on a hunt will be easy, right? Wrong! The truth is that good target shooting doesn’t mean that you’re as accurate as you think.

Bow Shooting TargetSay you’re shooting at one target all the time when you’re learning. You get used to the color, used to the depth of it. Once you’re comfortable, hitting the target directly over and over again is a breeze. However, if you were to change it suddenly, your focus would degrade and you would more than likely start missing the mark on the target. This could be a smaller or larger target, a different shape or even a target on the move. Changes like that happen every day in the wild and that’s why it is important to vary your practice targets because so that you too can adapt to changes on the fly.

This holds true if you are hunting game like deer or moose. One second an animal could be standing still in the shade of a tree, giving you have a clear shot, while a second later they are turned and in sunlight, requiring you to take an entirely different approach to your aim and your shot.

Changing up targets will teach you to be less distracted when out on the hunt, making it easier to adapt to moving game or targets in different positions or approached from different angles, says Outdoor Life. It will also help bow shooters learn how to better focus in and find the spot needed to let your arrow fly true and successfully find its mark. Adapting to a new shooting practice routine can be difficult, and just because you aren’t learning instantly doesn’t mean you can’t – as they say, practice makes perfect, and you may just need more time to figure it out.

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