Technological Advances Changing Hunting Forever

In the communication age, technology impacts our life and everything we do. From the way we stay in touch to the way we drive our cars, technological advances are fundamental to our way of life. So it was no surprise when technology started influence the way we hunt.

Traditionally a rustic, self-reliant means of escaping the pressures and conveniences of modern society, hunting has joined the ranks of hobbies implementing rationalizing technology. Subsequently, for better or worse, technology used for hunting makes it easier than ever on hunters today.

Trail cameras top the list, giving any hunter an edge on knowing the habits and timetables of deer living in an area anytime of any day all without disturbing them. Essentially tracking deer 24 hours/ 7 days per week without leaving any trace of human odor nor rustled-leaf, the whitetail can now be stalked spook free thanks to the trail camera.

Duck hunting isn’t without its advancements. The ‘Mojo Mallard’/’Robo Duck’ changed hunting in every marsh. Traditional skills learned and seasoned for years in duck hunting took a backseat to this magic bullet solution. Putting champion duck callers to shame, the ‘Robo Duck’ upsets a lot of conservative traditionalists. No longer allowed in a handful of states, they are outlawed in many blinds for flying in the face of the duck hunting tradition.

Range finders are another component every hunter should have in their arsenal to level the playing field each hunting season, especially archers. Perfect for measuring any distance, complete with linear measurement and an angle adjusted distance, range finders take away the guess work. Effective for typically 800 yards the can also be adjusted for wind compensation.

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