The Advantages to Bow Hunting

bowhunting As the 2014 deer season became one for the books, you can either look back on the year with a sense of accomplishment or disappointment. Either way, you are likely receptive to anyway to up your numbers for next year.
Bow hunting is an art form. Sure you could just pick up a shotgun and gear up to blast a hole in your hunt. But there is something to be said for the nuances and intricacies going into tracking your prey with a stick and string. There also a lot of advantages.
A major advantage to bow hunting is a longer season. This is great because not only does it give you more time to enjoy hunting season, it also thins out the crowd. Compare the long bow season to the short gun season; during the few weeks guns are allowed, many more rifle hunters are in the woods than the bow hunters who have about 4 months to enjoy the thrill of the hunt.
With much less crowding for bow hunters come many more advantages. With fewer hunters to share the woods with, there are many more track-able more deer. That’s because hunters spook deer, not only because of their physical presence and scent, but also because the extremely loud rifle and shotgun fire echoing through the late November sky.
The absence of gun bang through the trees not only gives bow hunters a numbers advantage, it also makes for a much more relaxing and enjoyable experience. Without the stress of loud gunfire, and concerning yourself with the ‘spook factor,’ you get to be one with the forest. Relaxing in your tree stand, patiently waiting for your deer to prance right by uninhibited is incredibly rewarding.
Finally, bow hunting is just all around safer than gun hunting. With a limited trajectory compared to firearms, there are many fewer incidence involved with bow hunting season. Bow hunting challenges the bow hunter in a way gun hunting simply cannot, leaving the hunter with bigger sense of accomplishment.

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