The Health Benefits of Canoeing and Kayaking

If and when you come visit Watson’s Kaby Lodge in Canada, there’s a beautiful lake that’s just waiting to be explored. Now you could sit on the docks and watch the day go by, but since you’re at a lake, why not try canoeing or kayaking to get a new perspective on things?

Canoeing and kayaking involve padding a small boat through the water. Canoes are open boats where the person sits or kneels inside it and generally uses a single-bladed paddle to push the boat through the water. Kayaks, on the other hand, are enclosed boats where the person sits inside it with their legs extended outward, and they use a double-bladed paddle to push through the water. Either way, people get good exercise paddling these boats.

Not only is it fun to get out on the water in a canoe or kayak, but it’s also the kind of low impact, aerobic activity that improves a person’s overall cardiovascular health. In other words, it gets the heart pumping and the blood flowing in your body as you use a variety of muscles to move and steer the boat.

So many times we end up standing or walking or sitting, but it’s rare that we fully engage our upper body for a certain activity. Paddling a canoe or kayak works your back, arms, shoulders and chest—a fine upper body workout. Meanwhile, since you rotate your torso and apply pressure with your legs, your core/ab muscles and leg muscles get a workout, too.

Come canoe or kayak on Kabinakagami Lake in Northern Ontario, Canada. Watson’s Kaby Lodge can supply your boat and paddle(s), while you take in the gorgeous, serene wilderness scene around you.

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