The Nutritional Facts on Moose Meat

Barbeques and grilling are what summer is all about. The delicious smells of steak, chicken, and shrimp fill the backyards of the neighborhood but what is fine grilling without a little meat diversity? There are various alternatives to traditional meats that you should consider, including on your own summer menu. One of our favorites, of course, is moose meat and you wouldn’t believe the amount of nutrition jam-packed in it!

Moose meat contains less than one gram of total fat per 100-gram serving, making it one of the leanest proteins available. This healthy alternative also contains less than .5 grams of saturated fat and is considered one of the best choices for individuals with cholesterol issues.

Think the nutrition ends there? Nope! Moose meat is also extremely low in sodium weighing in at only 65 milligrams in a 100-gram serving. This wild game, ground or slow-cooked, also provides 317 milligrams of potassium. A meal with moose meat can aid in lowering your risk for heart and kidney disease. The benefits make the hunting of your moose even more worth your while!

However you choose to cook your meat, whether it is in a crock pot or shredded to put on a sandwich, your recipe is sure to be a fan favorite amongst all family members or party goers. For information on how to head out to the backcountry and catch your own moose, contact us today.

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