Tips for Hunting Bull Moose

Bull moose provide the opportunity for a thrilling hunt. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced hunter, your first moose hunting trip should be a memorable experience. Before you head out on the hunt, check out these tips to help make your first bull moose trip a success.

Experienced moose hunters know that there is much more to a successful hunt than driving through the back woods and hoping to spot a moose. A successful hunt requires preparation and planning, as well as skill.

Bull MooseA good moose hunt usually starts with plenty of advance scouting. These scouting activities include researching likely habitat, looking for signs or activity, and even attempting to call moose before hunting season. Fortunately, our experienced and knowledgeable guides have already been busy scouting the area and know where you have the best chance of encountering a bull moose.

Personal gear is an essential part of a successful moose hunt, as well. Your clothing should be comfortable, warm and appropriate for any possible weather. Fleece and wool are good choices for clothing as they are warm, but do not make much noise while moving. They can also be worn in layers, allowing you to take clothes off to cool down if needed.

Carrying adequate water and food is also essential to allow you to be at your best when the opportunity for a shot presents itself. Staying hydrated and keeping your energy up allows you to stalk a moose and keep a vigilant watch.

Moose have relatively poor eyesight, but keen senses of smell and hearing. In other words, it is easier to avoid being seen by a moose than it is to avoid being smelled or heard. While it is always a good practice to approach an animal from downwind, it is particularly important when hunting moose.

Hunting near food and water sources is usually the best approach with moose. Cows and calves frequently stay near these areas, and bulls are drawn in to the cows. During warmer weather or late in the season you will usually need to travel further into the forest to find moose as they seek cooler places.

Using a moose call is often required to bring a bull moose in close enough for a shot. Practice making moose calls and test your skills well in advance of hunting season. Raking trees is another approach that can successfully attract a bull moose as the sound can make another bull moose think that you’re a moose thrashing a tree.

Late Bull Moose Opening

We are currently booking for 2017 hunts, but did just have a last-minute cancellation. This means you now have an opportunity to book a last-minute bull moose hunt this year. This is a fully guided, inclusive hunt that includes flights from White River to the lodge, plus meals, accommodations, guide service, tags and license. The 2016 season is open from Oct. 15-24 for residents of Ontario, and from Oct. 16-24 for non-residents. Call us today at 705-484-1672 for more information on this late opening.

Watson’s Kaby Lodge is a fly-in only, wilderness resort located on Kabinakagami Lake in northern Ontario. We offer a number of bear and moose hunting packages, as well as ecotourism options, that are sure to provide you with the vacation of a lifetime. Call us today at 705-484-1672 to make your reservation.

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