Top Three Novice Hiker Mistakes

So you’re all set to head out on your hiking trip. You armed yourself with all the essentials you think you need for the excursion, including the expensive hiking boots, the name brand backpack and trekking poles. But there are plenty of mistakes hikers make and don’t realize until it’s too late.
Hiking is for most a spiritual experience. It presents a chance to get away from all the materialism and competition in our society. This is what you have to remember before packing for your trip. Not only do you not need the folding chair, the shampoo or the stuffed animal, you won’t have the capacity to pack them. Luxury items of this nature are not only unneeded, they hold you back from conquering the trail. Any extra space you have in your pack should be reserved for extra socks and food.
Many first-time hikers don’t realize how much water they actually need to consume to maintain their comfort. Some erroneously are under the impression their 32 ounce thermos is all they need to conquer 4,000 feet of elevation. Unfortunately, they find out the hard way not only do they need at least 1.5 liters to comfortably hike a high peak, but hiking with a handheld thermos is a huge inconvenience. Hands-free hydration packs not only keep you effectively hydrated, but they also make your hike much easier.
Many hikers get into the hobby to get in shape or to stay in shape. But it isn’t the time to skimp on calorie intake. Mountain hiking consumes a lot of energy, burns up to three times as many calories than running on flat ground when ascending. So you have to consume high-caloric energy found in carbohydrates and proteins. This is no time to watch your waste and live off fruit and salads. Rather, pack as much nuts, beef jerky and dehydrated meals as you can fit.

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