Top Three Things Inexperienced Hikers Forget

So you’re all set to head out on your hiking trip. You armed yourself with all the essentials you know you need for the excursion, including the expensive hiking boots, the name brand backpack and trekking poles. But what about he not so obvious items many rookie hikers forget about… until it’s too late.

First Aid Kit
Never forget to pack a first aid kit, because the last thing any hiker wants is a deep cut without a means of treating it. Pre-packed first aid kits can be purchased relatively cheap at outfitter and hiking stores. Making sure your kit includes adhesive bandages, antibiotic ointments to avoid infection, aspirin, a space blanket a pair of scissors, and a few other notable components.

Bathroom Kit
In addition to making it easier to carry and find your bathroom items while you travel, a bathroom kit holds your essential toiletries securely. It helps you stay organized so you don’t have to dig through your soap and shampoo for your toothbrush. The liquids pockets are removable so you don’t have to take all your toiletries when you only need your shampoo and soap to shower. Essential, however, is toilet paper and hand disinfectant.

Backpacking Stove
Portable and effective, when hunger calls, your backpacking stove is there for you. Backpacking stoves are light, reliable and with a leave no trace ethic. They are especially useful in backcountry areas where open fires are prohibited, or where there is no available firewood, for obvious reason. You also are given a choice between canister fuel and liquid fuel stove categories.

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