Water is the First Component to Survival

Everyone knows you should not drink water from an unknown source without boiling it first. But if you don’t have the traditional tools- such as a pot- to boil water, don’t take your chance. That’s because you can still sanitize that water using a few tricks.

To substitute for your lack of pot, find a container. Literally anything you can think of at your disposal will do- a plastic bottle, a hat, a boot, a birch bark cup secured with a shoelace, a piece of wood you can fashion into a cup, literally anything. You can even use river clay and bake it into a solid shell. Whatever your container, fill it ¾ with water from your source.

The next step is to find a large handful of small rocks and clean them as best you can to remove any dirt or algae. Next, get your fire roaring and place the cleaned rocks very close to or directly in the fire. When the rocks are very hot, remove the rocks from the fire using anything other than your hands and carefully place them in your water container.

Slowly add the rocks a couple at a time to prevent them from exploding. Keep the transfer of rock from the fire to the water container until the water heats to the desired temperature or to a rolling boil, which you should maintain at least 3 to 4 minutes to kill any bacteria and organisms.

Never drink it from an unknown source, as this can lead to devastating effects putting you in a worse position than you were before hydrating. Don’t turn your bad situation into a worse situation and always take the proper precautions when hydrating. Always sanitize your water with tablets or boiling.

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