What Is Eco-Tourism?

The word “eco-tourism” keeps popping up in traveling circles. This new segment of the tourism industry is garnering a lot of attention as worldwide consumers look for more conservative, sustainable trips that provide a look into local culture and cuisine providing unprecedented educational opportunities to visitors. This responsible trend in travel is bringing people to new places on earth while spreading knowledge to and from staff as well as guests and locals.

Also included under the eco-tourism umbrella exists eco-travel and eco-lodges. The owners and staff of these types of resorts, hotels, and organizations focus on bringing together the ideas of conversation, different communities as well as sustainable methods of travel. Unlike an all-inclusive resort, ecotourism is for those that don’t believe in wasting food, energy or time. Deciding to vacation at an eco-resort can be a driving force behind the success of these places and the overall mission to create more environmentally friendly and sustainable societies.

These facilities, like hotels, condominiums or cabins, are low-impact. This means that they aim to operate without using any more electricity, water or materials than absolutely necessary. They also focus on having positive impacts on the psychology, behavior and physical health of visitors, staff members and the surrounding community. The financial gains from these places provides direct support for conservation of nature, sustainable programs, animals and overall the environment.

Above and beyond your normal trip or vacation, eco-travel intends to construct cultural awareness and respect between guests, hosts and locals. Unlike resorts that deter visitors from adventuring outside their walls, eco-lodges bring together a variety of people for the sharing of ideas, traditions and fare. The experiences from eco-tourism are unparalleled as they increase sensitivity, understanding and acceptance between cultures and individual people. The partnership between private industry and local residents benefits both parties financially and culturally.

All too often, huge resorts provide a select amount of jobs and send financial gains to the company’s upper management. These beautiful, expensive resorts are located in the middle of desolate and impoverish communities. Eco-tourism is changing the industry and attempting to transform the reasons behind travel and the way large companies and destination locations work together so everyone wins. Adventurous travelers looking for something more than guided tours and poolside drinks – look no further. The perfect destination is waiting for you and its eco-friendly, sustainable and unbelievably memorable.

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