Why People Love to Fish

Every listened to someone’s fish story? Those experiences last a lifetime and people love to sit around a camp fire trading stories about “the time the big one got away.” It’s a classic tale of man versus nature, which is one of the main reasons why people love to fish.

Regardless of the time of year, people enjoy getting outdoors and communing with nature. For some, the actual act of fishing itself is what they enjoy. They crave hunting the deep waters in search of an elusive type of fish. They come to the waters armed with the right gear, the right bait, and the right determination.

For others, it’s the atmosphere of fishing that they crave. Many people are content, and actually prefer, to just sit in their boat and lounge through the day, letting the mix of a cool breeze and the warm sunshine wash over their faces. It doesn’t matter to them if they actually catch anything! For them, it’s all about relaxation, getting outside, breathing in that crisp air, and getting away from it all.

Professionals who love to fish compete for championships all over the world. Their sense of pride in their skills and ability to operate at a professional fishing level bring a whole new arena of rationale into play. They love to fish because it’s a source of pride, income, and notoriety.

Fishing can also be a subset of exploration. Discovering new waters within a cove, or perhaps within a marshy area, is all part of the mystery and allure of fishing. Finding that new location to cast from, or the perfect waters that are home to unique fish, is the icing on a cake with the main ingredient being adventure.

A deep love of fishing isn’t unique to men; women all around the planet love fishing just as much as men do, even though the stereotype often casts men as the more able fish-seekers. That just leaves one question – why do you love to fish?

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