Large Northern PikeNorthern Ontario Fishing on Kabinakagami Lake

Kabinakagami Lake, known as “Big Kaby” is renowned as a fishing mecca by those who have been here. Fantastic fishing for Walleye and Northern Pike is complimented by great fishing for Yellow Perch as well as Whitefish. Fly fishing is popular as well with the opportunities to fish for Brook Trout and other species.

Big Kaby is 25 miles long with 30,802 acres of pristine fresh water and is one of the headwaters for the Albany River, the extensive watershed flowing northward into Hudson Bay. Accessible by float plane, Big Kaby’s resources are well suited to the species found in our region. With ice out in early May, the big Northern Pike can be found in the shallow bays and submerged remains of last years weed-beds. Large females can be seen as they spawn in these shallows immediately following ice out. Multiple smaller males can be found pursuing these females. Keep in mind that “smaller” is a relative term since many of these females can exceed 40 to 45 inches in length. Fishing for these brutes is a source of heart pounding excitement. Mainly large spoons and minnow type baits cranked as deep as possible in these shallow waters can elicit wild charges and screaming reels as they take almost anything offered. Post spawn, these fresh water behemoths are into a big time feed to refuel after a long winter under the ice.